About Us

Founded in 1969 and established as a LTD company in 1988, we are a “not for profits” Trade Association with a group of 52 named members – Sales Directors from major Health and Beauty Companies.

The primary purpose of the Health and Beauty Association is to bring together senior sales executives from leading Health and Beauty companies to join in debate and discuss how our industry should adapt and develop to meet changing customer and consumer needs. This will ultimately enable our members as functional leaders, to create beneficial changes within their own organisations.

Our Objectives

  • To arrange meetings and seminars to give members the opportunity for collective discussion and to hear from experts on subjects of interest to members of the association.
  • To encourage more proactive relationships with the retail and wholesale trade by inviting their participation at meetings and seminars.
  • To carry out industry, operational, organisational and expenditure research as agreed by members.
  • To arrange workshops and training courses for members and member companies staff.
  • To examine and provide group buying facilities where advantageous.
  • To provide a facility for an exchange of information on staff vacancies and recruitment.